Price list


Ladies’ plain jacket425 lei
Women’s padded simple jacket530 lei
Accessory padded jacket620 lei
Straight skirt210 lei
Padded straight skirt260 lei
Simple upholstered dress350 – 650 lei
Occasion dress950 lei
Dress with applications1100 lei
Wedding dressprice on request
Classic ladies coat850 lei
Simple lined dress280 – 650 lei
Women’s trousers280 lei
Ladies jumpsuit480 lei
Blouse260 lei


JacketShortened shoulder sleeves85 lei
Shortening / extending sleeves58 lei
Narrowing sleeves35 lei
Narrowing / widening waist70 lei
Changing the lining125 lei
Shortening60 lei
Ironing20 lei
CoatShortened shoulder sleeves95 lei
Shortening / extending sleeves58 lei
Shortening60 lei
Narrowing / widening waist70 lei
Ironing22 lei
Shirt / T-shirtShortening sleeves40 lei
Narrowing sleeves38 lei
Narrowing waist30 lei
Forceps in the waist25 lei
Shortening40 lei
Changed buttons40 lei
Ironing22 lei
DressShortening dress + lining70 lei
Shortening train dress60 lei
Shortening dress with applications95 lei
Shortening lining40 lei
Shortened shoulder45 lei
Shortening30 lei
Shortening sleeves30 lei
Narrowing bust65 lei
Narrowing bust with applications90 lei
Widening sleeve45 lei
Narrowing simple dress62 lei
Zipper changing40 lei
Ironing22 lei
TrousersShortening / extending35 lei
Narrowing / widening waist40 lei
Crouching on the leg45 lei
Zipper changing30 lei
Removed tweezers72 lei
JeansShortened with original hem32 lei
Narrowing waist65 lei
Crouching on the leg40 lei
Modified tour55 lei
Ironing22 lei
SkirtShortening25 lei
Shortening waist50 lei
Changing the lining33 lei
Zipper changing30 lei

  • prices may vary, depending on the complexity of the work
  • the prices are related to the normal execution time, for emergencies an additional 5O% of the execution value will be charged (24 hours emergency)
  • prices do not include the value of the material